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Wishing for an Organized Craft Room – Vintage Style

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Wish wands


I hope your week is off to a great start!

The blog has been quiet again for a bit of time.  And, I must confess, it was due to the state of my craft room. It honestly got overwhelming with clutter and disorganization which occurred over time. I have to say that combination is murder to creative energy. And, due to basic life busyness, there it sat….and sat.  Until the kids left to visit their grandparents over Spring Break.

And, I am happy to say, while they were gone, I ruthlessly cleaned/gutted the craft room. Having a deadline seriously made all the difference.  And, what a liberating feeling it is to have a clean, orderly room. Even better than it ever was, because I made an organizational plan…vintage style of course!

I still have a few of those plastic drawer sets that I got from Target years ago, but over time, I hope to replace those as well with some cute vintage dresser drawer sets. Its a work in progress, but at least its functional. 🙂

I’m excited to share with you though the vintage organizers that I did implement. And, I would LOVE if you could share any of the great organization ideas that you have in your craft spaces. Unless I’m the only one who struggles with this? 🙂

So, first….

coke crates

I discovered that vintage Coca-Cola crates make AMAZING holders of vintage ric-rac and seam binding. They fit perfectly in the little cubbies! I was absolutely giddy with excitement on this one, as ric-rac multiplies like crazy and it had also taken over the craft room. So nice to have my favorites all in one place. And, the other not-so-vintage ones are out of the craft room to another home. Because really, how much seam binding/ric-rac does a person need????


vintage briefcases

Sigh, what is not to love about vintage briefcases? And, they looked so nice adorning the top of my bookcase. But, now, they are absolutely functional! One stores Valentine ephemera and the other Christmas ephemera. Now, I just need about 5 more of these for the other ephemera that has now taken home in one of the afore-mentioned plastic Target drawers.

christmas briefcase Valentine briefcase

Moving on…

wooden shelves

Vintage drawers. I think these must be from a card catalog. Again, I will be adding to these too, but this little bunch stores a few of my crafting staples, which apparently is hardware from Making Memories. All about the classics around here. 🙂

Bingo drawer

This bigger vintage drawer holds another crafting staple – vintage Bingo cards. Unlike the ric-rac, a person can never have too many vintage Bingo cards!

bubblegum machine

Vintage syrup bottles, and salt shakers make great storage containers for the little things. And vintage Cracker Jack toys are happy in the bubblegum machine. I have a few more shakers full of glitter. Seriously a fun storage idea!

crate of stamps

A vintage wooden crate stores my go-to stamps. Nice to have them all in one convenient place. Going through the large amount of stamp sets … Read the rest