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We have winners!

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Well its still Friday-at least in CA time, and we have some winners!!!!

Congratulations to:

Yvette F. says:

these creations just make me happy! love all the new lines too!


Sue A says:

I love the sewing kit and all the pinwheels. I have become addicted to making pinwheels, they are so much fun to do!!!

Congratulations ladies! You have some new  Tinted Tape coming your way!… Read the rest

Sneak Peek Day 4

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As I type this, we have just left Las Vegas and are on our way to LA! The weather is great, and we’re having a nice drive.

So, here’s another sneak peek of our new Tinted Tapes!

I love how this new Numbers tape looks against the Party Games paper!  These fun random fonts are printed on clear tape so that the paper underneath will show right through!

Its a great trim, and tops the crepe ruffle nicely!

More sneak peeks tomorrow! And, the winners will be announced  tomorrow as well, so be sure to leave a comment for Linda Albrecht’s projects HERE!

More tomorrow!
Michelle… Read the rest

Sneak Peek Week 3 Day 3

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Here goes my last history post for a while.  This time you get to learn about Michelle and myself (Allison).  We want you to get to know us and we want to get to know you.  So here are some fun facts about the two of us.

  • What is your favorite decade for vintage style?

Michelle – Wow-that’s hard! I love the Gilded Age (early 1900s) straight through the 1950s. Right now, probably the 1940s-love Old Hollywood from that time period and holiday decor.

Allison – I love the 1950’s.  I love the colors, music and advertisements from that decade.  The family household images, diners and drive-ins, old school books and office supplies.  How can you go wrong.

  • What is your favorite Holiday?

Michelle – Halloween, but just barely more than Christmas.  I especially love vintage Halloween decor from the 1920s and the harvest colors.

Allison – I love Christmas.  The season of giving and family always brings a smile to my face

  • What is your favorite color?

Michelle – Red! And, brown, pink, ivory and aqua.

Allison – Red.  I think the reason may be because I am a Valentine baby.

  • Who do you contribute your craftiness to?

Michelle – Hands down, my mom! I remember “helping” her with sewing projects, and spraying everything that moved gold when Martha Stewart decided that gilding everything was cool back in the 1980s. My earliest paper crafting memory with her though, was sitting at our picnic table on our patio in Charlotte, cutting out a park scene (free hand) from construction paper. She made the cutest ducks!

Allison – Like Michelle, my Mom.  God Bless her.  She taught me to love what you create and to love the imperfections that come with it.  Sometimes it is the imperfections that make it perfect.  I first started with needlepoint and then went on to cross-stitch.  It wasn’t until the 1990’s that I got into scrapbooking.

  • How many siblings do you have?

Michelle – One amazing older brother-Erik.

Allison – I have two siblings.  My sister, Amy is four years older and my brother, Andy is three years older.  Yes, I am the baby.  Awesome.

  • What is your favorite childhood memory?

Michelle – Probably a Halloween memory that I’ve shared before. My dad was a high school English teacher when I was  a child, and had access of course to the movie projector and screen from the school library. Every year, he would check out the reel-to-reel projector, screen, and Halloween cartoons, and would show movies in our driveway. Even went so far as to line up chairs and pop popcorn in a huge bowl. Since this was Charlotte, NC, the weather on Halloween was always pleasant, and everyone enjoyed watching the movies! We actually had a nice Halloween here in CO a couple years ago, and did the same thing-the kids loved it!

Allison – When I was in Elementary and Jr. High School our family owned a cabin in Wyoming.  We would go … Read the rest

Sneak Peek Week 3 Day 2

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Ok, wow, that is really starting to get to be a tongue twister! It isn’t any easier typing it than saying it!

So, yesterday, Allison gave us some interesting history of cellophane tape. I’ve got to say, I’ve really enjoyed reading what Allison has been “reporting.” You rarely just stop and think “gee, how did that come into existence?” especially with items you use so frequently. It makes one look at things just a little bit differently…which is exactly what we did with our version of cellophane tape!

To complement our paper lines, we have developed 4 tape designs: Aged (distressed “aged” brown), Numbers (random number fonts), Linen (texture just like linen!)  and Soot (distressed black).

Here’s a couple closeups of 2 of them….

Can’t see the tape? This Linen tape was formed into flower petals! Don’t you just LOVE the texture???? And, of course, love our Dimestore Vogue girls!

You know  how you open an old scrapbook and see how the tape aged to a brown color? Now you’ve got it without waiting decades!

And, a close up!

I can certainly see both of these being a staple in my craft room!

Hope you enjoyed these little peeks. More coming later in the week! Don’t forget to leave a comment HERE under Linda Albrecht’s projects for Friday’s drawing. There will be 2 winners on Friday! Also, visit us on Facebook for more giveaway opportunities this week!!!

Create Vintage,

Michelle… Read the rest

Sneak Peek Week #3

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Happy Monday!!

Can you believe that this weekend is CHA?  It will be our official launch into the crafting market.  The market we love and know.  We are very excited to see old friends and make many new ones.  If you will be attending CHA this weekend, please stop by and visit us.  We will be located at booth #5008 in the newbie section.

This week’s sneak peek wouldn’t be official if I didn’t give you a little more history.  Let me share with you a little history about cellophane tape.  If you are going to have Paper Sheets™ for crafting and wrapping gifts, you need something to adhere it with.  Before cellophane tape was invented, packages were wrapped with decorative ribbon, postal string or twine. 

Cellophane tape was created in 1930 by Dick Drew, the creator of masking tape.  Drew was trying to come up with a waterproof covering for the insulation batts that line the inside of railroad refrigerator cars, when he came up with a new concept.  Why not add adhesive to the cellophane and use it as tape?  It would be clear and a more aesthetic tape that could be used on projects and packages.  This was the beginning of what we know as Scotch™ Cellophane Tape.  Now, you will be introduced to Vintage Street Market’s very own Tinted Tape™.  You will be able to use it in many different ways.  We hope that when you purchase your very own Tinted Tape™, you will share with us, all of the different ways you use it.  Tomorrow, Michelle will show you how she uses the tape in a fun craft project.

Please help us with your positive thoughts and prayers while we drive Wednesday and Thursday from Colorado to California.  We are very excited to meet you and get our wonderful products out to your local stores.  If you know any stores that would like our products and would like to carry them,  please let us know or direct them to our website for a visit.  We would love to get our products in stores close to you.  Thank you for all your love and support.  I will post a few historical and fun facts about Michelle and I on Wed.  Please come by our booth and get to know us.

Keep crafting and wrapping – Allison… Read the rest