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Vintage Flower Tutorial

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I just love vintage fabric! The patterns and colors are gorgeous, and I really love how soft and kind of “homey” it becomes over time. I came across some especially vibrant vintage handkerchiefs at a flea market recently, and had to snatch them up. However, they had some staining, and I really wasn’t quite sure what to do with them. Until, it occurred to me-homemade vintage flower embellishments!!!

So, I gathered my supplies. Vintage handkerchief, vintage ric rac and Glubers. Have you ever used Glubers? They are essentially large, flat glue dots and make flower-making super easy!

For the first step, cut a strip of vintage fabric. This strip of fabric is just over an inch wide. Stitch the same length of ric rac alongside one of the edges. Depending on the pattern and colors of the fabric, you may choose a different kind of ribbon, or no ribbon at all-just frayed edges.

For the second step, cut out which Gluber circle you will use, leaving the backing on the glue dot. Peel off the protective covering. Starting on the outside of the Gluber, gather and pinch the fabric onto the glue dot. This glue is STICKY, and your fabric will stay. However, it still is possible to reposition the fabric if needed.

For the final step, add a center to the flower. In this case, I used a Vintage Button with some Black Twirly Twine and a small message tag. A gem stone would be cute too…depending on how elegant the fabric is.

So, there it is! In 3 EASY STEPS, you too can make your own authentic vintage flower embellishments. And, there’s still enough fabric to create more!

Happy Creating,


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Peep Calm and Carry On!

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Supply list:

Everything, except the candy came from VSM!


  1. Apply subway art sticker to the 6 inch panel of the card stock.
  2. Apply adhesive with the ATG to the 1/2 inch panel of card stock
  3. Adhere to form an easel
  4. Add chick with hat using dimensional tape
  5. Add paper garland to the ice cream cup with staples, fluff
  6. Tie Twirly Twine bow in button and adhere with liquid adhesive to flower
  7. When dry adhere to ice cream cup
  8. Fill cup with vintage tinsel as “grass”
  9. Place chick in cup and add candy eggs.
  10. Display on your holiday table or like me on the mantle!

This project is super easy and would make a great addition to your holiday table.

Have a blessed Easter!


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Make a “Wish”

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Transform a tart pan!  Using silver glass glitter, silver tinsel garland, and a vintage ballerina, this oval tart pan becomes a sparkly shadow box ornament.  And, it doesn’t take long at all to assemble.

Applying real glass glitter to the fluting of the tart pan adds beautiful texture and has the added bonus of tarnishing over time. Tinsel garland was added around the bottom of the pan’s edge to create the magical background for the vintage ballerina, which was glued to the bottom of the pan. A “Wish” banner stamped on ivory paper, and folded to add dimension tops the ornament off.

This easy to make, and totally vintage shadow box would look beautiful decorating a gift box. Or, glue a magnet to the back, and attach to the fridge. Or, glue a loop on the back and hang on your Christmas tree…so many possibilities! Visit our RECIPE SECTION  for this printable recipe card.

Happy Creating!

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Paper Ribbon Tutorial

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Here’s another wonderful advantage (aside from ALL THAT CRAFTING PAPER!),  to Paper Sheets-the thinner paper makes for wonderful ribbon!

Ribbon? Really???? YES!!!! And, here’s how:

1) To begin, cut a strip of your favorite Paper Sheet. In this example, I used a 12″ x 3″ strip of the dress patterned side of Dimestore Vogue.

2) Next, cover the paper with rows of Tinted Tape. In this example, I used Linen Tinted Tape. And, I love how the Linen tape makes the paper a deeper color! Adding the tape secures the paper and prevents any ripping-you want your paper ribbon to last! It also makes it more “bendy.”

3)Now, layer your paper ribbon with even more ribbons! I added a bit of lace trim, then layered pleated dress pattern tissue (from a real dress pattern) over the top. I really like the different dress pattern textures.

4)So, what do you do with this layered paper ribbon???  Well, with this one 12″x3″ strip, I cut it down and made an interesting, very textured background for a card (see above).  Instead of layering other ribbons on top, you can punch out a very unique border. And, you can also stamp on it! Staz-on ink recommended for this step.

(for the how to in making the newsprint flower, view our YouTube video)

As you can see, paper ribbon can be very versatile! And, with so much paper included in each Dimestore Vogue or Party Games Paper Kits, and 70 feet of tape on each roll of Tinted Tape-you can make TONS of paper ribbon!!!



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