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Create a Vintage Dimensional Valentine

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Good morning, and Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

What special things do you have planned for the day? I get to help with my last elementary school class party. Sigh, my son next year moves on to middle school. Its an exciting time, but hard to believe there will be no more class parties to plan! Its also been fun watching my daughter brainstorm a special present for her first valentine. So sweet!

I think tonight will be a nice family dinner at home. Maybe a movie? Its just fun spending time with those we LOVE.

I want to share with you a charming vintage valentine I found in my stash. I thought this would actually be a fun image to add dimension and texture to. To start creating this dimensional card, I copied the valentine three times onto kraft cardstock, then cut one of the images out. This will be the base.

dimensional-valentine-2From the other 2 copies, I cut out pieces that I would like to add dimension to, such as the heart, and the fashionable girl.

dimensional-valentine-3Using adhesive foam squares, I added these cut-outs to the base.

dimensional-valentine-4Glitter, and a craft feather finishes the card off! Wouldn’t this look cute on top of a box of chocolates?


I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


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Flip for Love Notes

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Holy cow, one more day to go, and a couple more projects to share yet!

Today’s project is a bit of a multi-texture, multi page Valentine “card”-more of a flipbook. I made this using the Craft a Vintage Valentine Kit and the Valentine Ephemera Mini Kit.


These kits work great together! The book itself is made of pockets from a vintage photo/scrapbook. The pockets are open on both ends, so I alternated and stitched one side of each pocket, stacked them, created front and back covers from cardstock, and tied them together. One of the retro valentines from the Craft a Vintage Valentine kit decorates the cover.

flipbook1aflipbook1bThe Valentine ephemera makes great tags! I sized these tags to mostly fit into the pockets…I like how they bulge out of the side. If you mail a card like this, just be sure to mail it in a nicely padded envelope, as this card/book does get lumpy!


flipbook2For most of the tags, I used a vintage flashcard to create the base. I then stitched the ephemera on top. I’m really enjoying this cluster of tickets! When layering like this, just make sure to make each ticket a bit distinctive, such as staggering them, trimming them into pennants, adding glitter, etc. I’m still in my stitching craze, so I stitched across the top (I did apply a small amount of adhesive tape to hold the tickets in place before stitching).

flipbooks4 flipbooks3

This little miss was cut from the vintage valentine included in the ephemera kit. She makes a cute “tag” on her own.



flipbook5 flipbooks6And, how about a pocket full of sweet, heart shaped messages? These red cardstock hearts were edged in gold ink, which not only makes them a bit more vintage looking, but ties in the pop of yellow that’s in the book.

So, what to put on all these tags, hearts, etc? Fill it full of love quotes, and a personal message. Maybe for each heart, write an adjective that describes the person receiving this stuffed-full-of-love card! Slip a few photos in the pockets too.

This multi-page pocket card is so fun to make and, I’m sure, will be super fun to receive…don’t you think?

Have a wonderful day!

Happy Creating,



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Vintage Valentine Pennants

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removedforpublicationHi there!

I hope you had a great weekend! It was a bit cold and snowy in northern Colorado again. Sigh. It does not help the big case of Spring Fever I have going on! But, the chilly weekend did give me time to settle in the craft room and get things organized. You know its bad when you start to remember which pile of stuff the hole punch is under. And, returning it to that same pile of stuff when done using it instead of putting it in its rightful place! The work table was chaos. But, nice and tidy now, and that is a good feeling.

Fortunately, retro valentines are both cheery and colorful. I love traditional valentines, but its also nice to think of new ways to use the images. This is actually one valentine from the Vintage Valentine Ephemera Kit that I cut into pieces to make these 2 pennants.

The base of each of the pennants were made by cutting the flashcard (also in the ephemera kit) in half on the diagonal. I trimmed out old dictionary paper a bit smaller and zig zagged stitched it to the flashcard. Stitching really is a simple, quick way to add loads of texture. I cut the Bingo card down into triangles too, stapled to the flashcard, and layered vintage tickets on top of that.  The scalloped trim you see along the edge of the dowel is the edge of the original valentine. Its just so cute, and fit just right along the side and top of this pennant.


Similar basic structure to this one, this is the other portion of the original valentine. This sailor is just so cute! And, the colors so vibrant. Couldn’t resist adding a bit of stickles around the heart on the flag!


The dowels I easily transformed with a glimmer mist. It gives such a softer color than acrylic paint, but that would work too. I glued the dowel along the side to give the pennant good structure, so its not flimsy at all. I did punch the holes first though, for the twine before gluing the dowel. A vintage wooden bead tops off the dowel.

And, cute, Black Twirly Twine bows finish them off! Maybe instead of a card this Valentine’s Day, consider making a pennant. This would look super cute in a bouquet of flowers, or tied to the paw of a teddy bear.

Have a good Monday, and thanks for stopping by!


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Craft a Quick Vintage Valentine

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Its hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is approaching so quickly!

Are you still wanting to do a little crafting for Valentine’s Day, but just don’t think you’ll have enough time to get super creative? Then, the Vintage Valentine Power Pack is just the ticket!

vdaypowerpackThis kit contains a wonderful book of reproduction retro valentines that are not only already embellished with red flocking, but are also so SUPER EASY to punch out! Remember books like these? And, you guessed it…the book even includes those sweet paper envelopes that you trim out yourself following  the dotted line. And, they are very sweetly illustrated.


This Power Pack includes the book, red glittered font stickers, pink heart charms, a strand of metallic hearts, Red Twirly Twine, Linen Tinted Tape (to tape those envelopes closed!), and a bottle of red glass glitter-the real deal.

These valentines are so easy to punch out and embellish that you will have time to do the entire book! And, feel happy that you were able to squeeze in a bit of creative time for Valentine’s Day after all. This is also a great book to give to the kids and let them get crafty!

vkitStill want to add a bit more vintage? The Vintage Valentine Ephemera Mini Kit is now 30% off (now $6.95), and is full of vintage extras to create with. Pick up a kit today-there’s still more time!

Happy Creating,


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A Posie for You…

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floral-bookmark-1Ah Friday!

The anticipation of the weekend is so nice isn’t it? The weekend is a great time to open a new book, or get caught up on some journaling. Another wonderful Valentine’s Day gift idea for that special someone…a posie bookmark!

floral-bookmark-2A pre-made glittered bundle of roses is the focal point, but I further accented it with vintage silver millinery leaves. The wired stems of the leaves and roses were twisted together and I covered these with  a beautiful green ribbon.

floral-bookmark-3The base of the bookmark was made out of a vintage piece of cardboard, that was covered in vintage sheet music. A bit of bling finishes the top and  repeats the silver color. A length of beautiful lace ribbon acts as the actual place holder when used as a bookmark, while the posie rests on top of the book.


And, there you have it! With something so pretty,  your special someone will  be looking forward to, even more,  those quiet moments of reading.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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