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Introducing…Tinsel, Bits & Baubles!

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Happy Friday!

I hope you’ve been having a great week! I’ve been mulling over an idea for a little while, and I think the beginning of the holiday whirlwind is a great time to launch its debut! So, introducing…Tinsel, Bits & Baubles!

tinsel-bits-&-baubles-ideaboard-octoberI’m sure you’re asking…what exactly is Tinsel, Bits & Baubles? Tinsel, Bits & Baubles, is essentially a revolving vintage inspiration board. A gathering of objects, techniques and ideas that will launch all sorts of vintagey inspiration! My hope is that this gathering of objects will spark all sorts of creativity. Creativity that goes “beyond the board!” 🙂


For the October Ideaboard, I’ve assembled, of course, a Halloween theme. Vintage ribbons, ephemera and images are pinned with a plastic spider, vintage treat bag, vintage button, a piece of black and orange fringed tissue, and glass glitter, among a few other found items. So fun to find all these little bits, and very inspiring!


To spark creativity and “move it off the board,” I would also like to introduce Vintage Inspiration Cards! I LOVE this idea, and hope you do too! These cards can complement the Ideaboard, or can be an independent concept. Similar to the idea of Artistic Trading Cards (ATCs), Vintage Inspiration Cards display swatches of vintage, such as a snippet of ribbon, a scrap of vintage wall paper, a stripe of glass glitter, etc. Kept as reference cards, Vintage Inspiration Cards are a way to trigger inspiration for the holidays, or to “bookmark” an idea. They are also a great little item to trade! Create a Vintage Inspiration Card, and challenge a friend to create something new using the VIC as inspiration.

Halloween-vintage-inspiration-cards-1 Halloween-vintage-inspiration-cards-2Using the Ideaboard as a guide, I created these inspiration cards using the cardboard insert from a package of vintage seam binding. Pretty much the size of a bookmark-a quick snapshot of  inspiration!

Halloween-vintage-inspiration-cards-3So, there you have it…Tinsel, Bits & Baubles. Stay tuned for more Ideaboards and Vintage Inspiration Cards. I hope you’re inspired to create your own vintagey cards, and maybe even start a trading group!

Happy Creating,


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