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Vintage Garden Pocket

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Have you seen the new Vintage Deal? Its the Vintage Winter Garden Kit-a beautiful, soft color palette for these upcoming cold months, and a nice break from the bold colors of the holidays.

From a few supplies from the kit, I constructed a vintage garden pocket. The perfect place to store postcards, or fill with tags with special notes for a friend as a unique gift. Might be a good idea with notes for Mom for Mother’s Day-never too early to plan for that one! 🙂

To create, images were fussy-cut from the beautiful papers and adhered onto sheet music.  Platinum Stickles add a touch of sparkle to the flowers. Parchment or wax paper, was then stitched on top of the images, then that piece was stitched to another sheet of parchment to create the pocket. I tore away a bit of the parchment to reveal the bird.  A Making Memories Label Holder frames a title and vintage pearl beads from the kit embellish it.

Then fill with tags! This is such a great way to use up the scraps from the kit.  Silver tinsel garland, a vintage slide holder and sparkly font stickers add more texture to the tags as well.

And the good news is, I still have plenty from the kit to make more pockets!

Now, I have to share with you my Christmas present from my super thoughtful hubby. We found one of these (a verdigris colored one-gasp!-gorgeous!) at an antique store this summer in Kansas.  Admired it, but it did not come home with us. But, my husband continued to scout around and surprised me with this GORGEOUS scale for Christmas. And it works!

I absolutely LOVE IT, and it now is displayed in the corner of our kitchen. It just amazes me that at one time this was at a butcher shop or corner market to weigh meat and produce. Something so beautiful for something so functional. Patent says 1909.

The hand-cut oval, glass top presently displays a winter scene of vintage, spun-glass angel hair swirling among vintage hard plastic reindeer and plastic trees sprinkled in tarnished glass glitter.

Now, I just need to try to understand what all the extra numbers mean! 🙂

Happy New Year, and here’s to another year of vintage creativity!!!


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Holiday Happiness…

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The holidays are definitely a high point for me…watching my daughters soak in every detail of the festivities of the season…love it all!

Here is a layout of my mother’s gifts back in 1965…love how she so carefully set all her presents up outside to photograph. And love that I can see her “shadow” in the foreground as she captures the shot:

Using my ever-favorite polka-dot paper from the Family Fun collection, I added my own sequins, made from red foil and a couple of hole punches.  I added gorgeous tidbits, like this glitter-filled glassine envelope & pins, from the Sewing Room section of the VSM store.

My 2nd project for the month is a gingerbread-house card:

Using a Bingo Card, brown crepe, glitter, twirly twine, I whipped up this scrumptious holiday greeting.

I don’t know about you, but the holidays is definitely one of my favorite times to enjoy the nostalgic feeling of vintage ornaments and decor.  My kids and I love to discover “new” favorite items like this to add to our holiday home:

Wishing you a happy holiday and a delightful December!


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Retro Christmas Tree

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Hi all, I hope your enjoying your holiday season!  I thought I would share this little holiday tree I made using some super fabulous festive goodies from the VSM vintage christmas store and papers from the Dimestore Vogue kit (blue foil), and the Party Games kit (polka dot).

The foil reflector star and plastic starburst ornament were also from the vintage Christmas items, as was the red and white tissue fringe.  I took a foam tree and used hot glue to adhere two inch wide strips of foil paper and polka dot paper in layers starting at the bottom and working my way to the top.  I pushed the topper into the foam and glued the tissue paper fringe around the top.  Next I cut the greeting phrase from a vintage Christmas card and used stickles around the edges for a little holiday sparkle.  I adhered that to the tree as shown, and voila, a super cute and fast retro tree decoration.  Here are a few more photos.  Hope you will try one!

Happy vintage holidays!




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Vintage Valentine Wall Hanging

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Looking for something special to make for a loved one for Valentine’s Day? How about a unique wall hanging made up of all sorts of vintage materials? The ingredients used to make this wall hanging come from the new Vintage Valentine’s Kit. To begin, simply cut the 12×12 sheet of red cardstock in half, so that you have two 6×12 sheets. Then put them together end to end and tape or glue to secure, so that it measures 6×24. Notch the bottom to create the angels, so that it looks like a banner.

I then fashioned a “boxy” bow from the vintage velvet and created the hanger for the wall hanging. The loop is actually stapled to the top of the banner, and the decorative bow is glued over the loop covering the staple. Then, start layering the vintage pieces! I added the glitter heart using Red Glass Glitter. I love the texture and sparkle of glass glitter. Truly much different than basic craft glitter from the craft store. Plus, over time, it tarnishes lovely. Also, I added some vintage Cellophane Ribbon-this ribbon is a great way to create volume and additional interest, without adding color that could be distracting.

Red glass glitter was also used to create a sparkly background for this heart cut from one of the vintage Valentines included in the kit. So, another word about the Retro Snowflakes… these vintage embellishments can be used anywhere, and for any season! The retro design and the fact that these are clear make them just a neat accent piece. Very subtle, but distinct. You could actually cut them up and create multiple retro pieces…

What really makes this wall hanging special, is the many pockets. I went with a countdown concept, or rather, a “10 Reasons Why I Love You” concept. From the patterned cardstock, I cut out ten 2.5 x 2.5 inch squares. Using other cardstock and vintage papers, I trimmed out ten hearts for the pockets. I numbered each square, and added other embellishments here and there, such as the roses that are included in the kit, and Maraschino Baker’s Twine. These mini heart pockets can be filled with candies or other little trinkets, or, as in this example,  cut down narrow strips of cardstock and write down all of the reasons you love your special person.

Happy New Year!

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Ok, I know I’m totally biased here, but can I just say, how AMAZING these Retro Snowflakes are???? They are just the perfect size to work with-this is using the larger snowflake (4 inches) on just a 6×6 layout. Yes, it is a large piece, but works wonderfully as it is clear-just a subtle, elegant accent. Adds a great texture-you can just feel the chill of this picture.

This mountain image is actually a smaller mountain range to the Northeast of the Rockies in Northern Colorado.  All of the snow settled on the mountain was just so majestic and surreal I had to stop and take a picture.  This layout was quite simple to put together, as is usually the case when you have a couple “anchor” pieces. In this case, the Bingo card adds a simple background texture, and the snowflake really emphasizes the photo that I trimmed. Of course, glitter is just a must sometimes! Loving the new bakers twine as well-this is the Cappucino twine.

Don’t you just love the clarity of that snowflake??? A vintage button in the center tops it off.

Hope you are enjoying your week with all of the hustle and bustle!


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