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Pinewood Derby Memories

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We have a little Cub Scout in our family. One of the great things about the scouting program is the memories we make together as a family. When I was a child, my brother was also a scout. The Pinewood Derby was a highlight of the year. I remember the first time he participated, he created a car and the wheel kept falling off as we practiced. We thought for sure his car would come in last place at the Derby, but lo and behold it was the Winner! My brother still has his car on display. (He’s moved on to racing REAL cars, now.) Because the Pinewood Derby has so many memories for our family, I wanted to preserve Ryan’s car and some photos, along with a patch he received. The shadow box we’ve all been using this month was the perfect way to do it. And Party Games was perfect for decorating it.

I painted the shadow box white and added some blue paper to trim it. Since the car wouldn’t fit inside, I added it to the top. The little party balloons were a perfect detail to add to the back of the car.

I placed the photos and patch inside the box along with some die cut tags. Then, I placed the adorable little monkey on the outside of the box. Isn’t he cute???

The little shadow box is sitting on Ryan’s dresser and he absolutely loves it! I’m so glad I could create such a fun memory keepsake for him. Thanks for stopping by! ~Anabelle… Read the rest

Memory in a box

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I was so thrilled recently when I ran across some old photos, that I had seen long ago.. but did not have copies of.  I thought this shadowbox would been fun to make a little memory box out of with one of these photos.  I wasn’t sure “what event” these photos where taken at..but I knew it was probably someones Anniversary celebration.   My Grandparents, Great Grandparents, and most of my Aunts and Uncles lived in South Dakota, where my parents were originally from. We lived in Nebraska, but always drove the 200 plus miles for special events and visits with family there. This was obviously one of those special visits.

The photo is of my Great Grandma , Grandma , mom and I.  ( I’m sure I thought I was “styl’n with that floral headband) lol

I used the Dimestore Vogue Paper Sheets and Tags for Creating this Shadowbox.

I had a hard time getting a good photo without a glare on the glass, so I took a couple of photos , so hopefully you can see the top and the bottom of the set up in the shadowbox.

I used the “Linen” Tinted Tape for the edges of my shadowbox

As I dug further into the photos…the mystery was solved. I  found this photo of my Grandparents standing by a Anniversary cake, and I see that my Grandma is wearing the same dress as in the “Generation” photos above. So it’s obviously the same day.

I can figure out what year by my age in the photo.  So now I know.  This is a reminder to me , just how important it is for us to document the people, place and date for our photos.  I am trying to do a better job of this than I used to. I see just how important it can be as the years go by.   

I love photos! They can just ” capture a moment” in our past. They can take us back..and  help us remember.. the everyday things, …and..the special events in our lives.   I cherish these photos, and am so glad to be able to preserve them with the help of these nostalgic papers

Thanks for coming by!


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Decorate a Gift Box

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Don’t you just love making something special for a dear friend? I think that’s one thing that all crafters enjoy-sharing their creativity with others. And, with a package of Dimestore Vogue, and this fun vintage trimmings kit, that’s a whole lot of creativity waiting to happen!

For this gift box, I used the box that contains the kit goodies you see above.  Its a nice size, and about 2 inches deep. To begin, I adhered the book paper to the top, and then added some Linen Tinted Tape here and there as a bit of an accent. This created the base.

Now, here’s something fun and new to do with the foil that is also included in the Dimestore Vogue package. First, sand it for a really distressed sheen, then run it through a die cut machine! Using Staz On ink, I was able to stamp a message right onto the foil. Platinum stickles also add a nice border. The vintage ticket is also layered onto one of the Dimestore Vogue die cut tags.

I really enjoy adding dimension and those extra details. Dressing up the fashionable lady with the vintage tulle, forget me not and a Charcoal bakers twine bow was just like playing with paper dolls!

This die cut buckle looks so real, and holds the crocheted lace nicely. That tape measure trim at the bottom was simply cut from one of the Paper Sheets.

Now, for the sides of the box! Along each side of the box, I pleated a crepe ruffle. Simply cut the crepe to the right width, and run adhesive along each side. I actually put an adhesive strip at the top, middle and bottom of each side to really hold the pleats in place.

So the green stem wouldn’t show on the flower bundle, I covered it with Aged tape-it really blends into the crepe now!

To make the lid slide over the box easily (don’t want the crepe edges catching!), I edged both top and bottom of the crepe ruffle with Aged tape as well.

I’m thinking for this friend, I’ll fill this box with a bag of gourmet chocolates or cookies. An assortment of teas could also be nice. Or, maybe I’ll make some cards (still have tons of paper to work with!), and make a box of stationary. Hmm…

This might be something fun for Mother’s Day coming up as well!

Hope you have a wonderful day!
Michelle… Read the rest

Dimestore Fabulous

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Hello, everyone!

Julie here again, with a fun girlfriend card–any reason will do–simply to let her know you think she’s just “FABULOUS“!


Almost everything used for the card was taken from the FABULOUS “Dimestore Vogue” Paper Sheets & Tags Kit…one of my favorite things!


“Pattern” pieces cut out from one of the paper sheets, machine-stitched onto some vintage check print paper…

One of the lovely retro girls and the button card punched from the tag sheet…

A fat, simple homemade rosette made with the luscious brown crepe paper sheet included in the kit, edged with my favorite “Platinum” Stickles.  Inside the rosette, “stamens” made with short pieces of “Maraschino” Bakers’ Twine


An edging of lace, pretty Kraft-colored seam binding…topped with a length and simple bow of “Maraschino” Bakers’ Twine

Finishing off the card, the vintage ruler from one of the paper sheets, topped with “buttons” from the tag sheet.

Well, off to enjoy some Easter vacation time with my sweet family…Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday weekend!


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Farmers Market-Fresh and Fabulous!

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Its Spring time! Do you have any of your Spring veggies planted yet? We planted lettuce and peas a few weeks ago, and they are just now starting to peek up a bit. I’m sure they’ve been enjoying the rain we’ve been getting!

If you plant a garden, show your garden’s progress with a garden journal-a place where you can collect photos of your garden, and take notes of what you planted. And, write any tips that you’ve learned or observations you’ve made along the way.

This journal was made using the new Farmers Market Vintage kit now available. I just LOVE this kit! The colors are so vibrant and the vintage pieces are really unique-this is one you will really enjoy.

I made this journal using the covers of an old scrapbook. Since the cover is pretty great on its own, I just slightly embellished it with a title, using the Cut and Paste Fonts. These fonts are super thick and work great for the cover. As the vintage seed packet is so vibrant, on the cover it went also… Don’t you love that vintage plastic clip? That can easily be moved around to mark a page in the journal.

I cut down the card stock included in the kit to make the pages of the journal. As the scrapbook covers already had holes, I just lined the paper up to those holes, and used the twine included in the kit to tie it all together.

This page has the header Garden Party Planters. While my garden is very tiny, my mother has the most amazing large garden. So large in fact, that she hosts a garden party every year in order to plant it. This journal will be going to her and the first page will act as a guest book for those who have been invited (recruited?) to plant.

Soot Tinted Tape is a perfect accent! And, the tape doesn’t always have to be purely functional. On the page above, it decoratively adheres the vintage checklist, while, on the page below, it is a great background trim to the vintage embroidered ruffle.

Soot tape again adds a nice contrast to the vibrant colors of the papers…

And, aren’t the vintage green stickers and canning labels great?

I remember getting these little wooden spoons with my mini ice cream containers back in kindergarten. Now they’re vintage! And, a great way to display a title. The “Fabulous” title comes from the Dimestore Vogue paper kit. Its looks dimensional doesn’t it?

And, a few pages for garden pics. The accent on the side comes from using Linen Tinted Tape and book paper. Simply lightly adhere the tape to vintage book paper, and then gently lift. As you lift, the book paper will stick to the tape and lift with it-great technique for an interesting trim. Maybe we should call this the Silly Putty technique (remember that stuff with the Sunday comics???)

Linen tape also adheres this vintage farm image. … Read the rest