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It’s a party!

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Today I’m sharing some little party themed projects I created using the “Family Fun Paper Kit”.     I made a card, a cake make from an empty ribbon spool, and a little treat container (using an AccuCut die and a sheet of the papers from the kit).

A cute set up for a special little girls Birthday:)

I used a large ribbon spool like this to  create the faux cake 🙂

I used a small piece of wooden dowel to make the candle for the cake. (you can either wrap paper around it or paint it) I added a small piece of string for the  wick.

You can also create your cake so that the top can open to be used at a little candy or gift container.

It’s fun to repourpose things you have and create something new and fun.  These papers and images make that EASY!

Hope you enjoyed the party!

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Boy Birthday Card

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I’m not a great cardmaker ….but…something about the Vintage Street Market makes me really love doing them because I still think making a card yourself is better than buying one 🙂 (hopefuly the recipents think so too- LOL) So here is a litte card for a little boy in my family with the Family Fun Paper and  Family Fashion Accessory Kit.

have a great day 🙂

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Treat Bag Garland and Remember When…

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Do you like the vintage treat bags we have in the store, but are just a teensey bit hesitant to actually fill them with treats and (ack!) giveaway???? Why not take those sweet vintage bags, and make a garland instead? For this garland, I combined the Vintage Treat Bags and the Vintage Bingo Cards, along with some pumpkin orange cardstock.

For this panel of the garland, I took orange tissue paper, and cut it into two 2″x12″ strips. I then layered the 2 strips on top of each other and stitched them together along one side. As I stitched it together, the tissue started to curl in on itself, so shaping it into a flower was super easy! I then punched a circle from black cardstock, and adhered a vintage halloween sticker to the center (included with the treat bag kit). This spooky flower is so striking against the bingo card. To frame the bingo card a bit, I trimmed it with Soot Tinted Tape. So much more impact than just inking the edges, don’t you think?

This panel was made by cutting a rectangle from cardstock and simply taping the treat bag to the paper with Numbers Tinted Tape. Super easy! What do you think of the little witch? Recognize her from Dimestore Vogue? I painted her dress with black watercolor paint, added a ribbon belt, and fashioned a simple triangular hat from black cardstock. Now she’s busy watching the trick or treaters.

Again, super simple panel-tape the bag to cardstock. With this garland, now you can enjoy the images on these vintage treat bags for a long time to come! And, did you notice the Soot Tinted Tape attaching the garland to the wall? Show off that tape-its too cute to hide! 🙂

Remember When….

Do you remember this fella? Maybe you had this exact one, or another type of molded plastic illuminated decor. This one was manufactured by Empire and was produced in 1969-sadly, yes that’s now vintage! 🙂  Illuminated decor began with Christmas decorations but quickly expanded into Halloween as the holiday gained popularity. This particular one measures 18 inches tall. It amazes me how illuminated decorations have evolved to the light shows I see when I take the kiddos trick or treating! What kind of light up decor did you have?

Happy creating!

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No Boys!!

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Hi there, this little project is made especially for my daughter. Having a little brother can be hard so why not give her, her own little space where he’s Not Allowed lol. I created this little door hanging to post on her door, so that maybe in a year or two when he can actually read it 😉 he will stay out of her room. I guess until then it will give her a sense of ownership, and a cute piece of decor.

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Sweet Dreams

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Hello, everyone!

Julie here again with a quick little card to share with you today…

Just a card for my little girl…well, she’s not little anymore…she’s 15!  But, she’ll ALWAYS be my little girl…

I used one of the paper dolls & some of  the adorable cardstock prints from the “Family Fun” Paper Kit–so many wonderfully retro patterns!  The purple actually matches her room…she wants to hang it there.  Then, just a bit of creamy seam binding, some “Lilac” Baker’s Twine, some vintage mother-of-pearl buttons, a bit of copied text from a vintage bedtime storybook, and a few vintage, violet millinery flowers…nice and simple!

Who do these fabulously vintage paper dolls remind you of?  Can’t wait to see!

So glad you stopped by today…



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