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Retro Christmas Stockings-Christmas in July continued

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Well, Summer is just moving along, and in just a few short months, the holiday season will be upon us! Get a jump start now to plan how you will make your holiday traditions more distinctive this year.

One way, is to wrap your special gifts in a retro inspired Christmas stocking, now available in the Vintage Street Gift Market. This red mesh stocking is reminiscent of the ones that were available at the local Woolworths, or other drug stores, filled with small plastic toys and candies.

The stocking has a festive retro insert, creating a fun backdrop to your gift, and is closed off by a true retro Santa image.

Wouldn’t these look super cute on the back of each chair for Christmas morning breakfast??

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Vintage Paper Doll Ribbon Art

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Used initially to promote fashions in women’s magazines around the turn of the 20th century, paper dolls have evolved into  both children’s toys and popular crafts.

These ribbon doll craft kits were very popular in the 1920s and 1930s. The kit itself consisted of a cardstock paper doll and instructions on how to cut and apply the ribbons. The ribbons, flowers and lace were not included, which made each craft entirely unique, and gave the crafter a good opportunity to use up her scraps of ribbon and fabric. Of course, these masterpieces were framed in lovely art deco metal frames popular of that time period.

I just love the intricacy of these flowers-and the attention to detail is just lovely! See how the sleeve of her gown is even trimmed?

Such a classic craft deserves to come back into your crafting! Maybe not quite as elaborate, but just as pretty! Using the Mother paper doll from the Family Fun paper kit, I put together an all-purpose “Happy Day” pocket-simply add a greeting tag, or gift card to celebrate a birthday, bridal shower or congratulations. The green dress from the paper kit coordinates beautifully with the papers from the Garden Collection in the store.

An olive green tulle “stole”, vintage forget me not and a strand of pearls make this paper doll extra glamorous!
I think I must use these vintage tickets on EVERYTHING, but I just love them! And, look how perfectly its framed in the Making Memories glittered label holder.

A pocket like this would even be perfect decorating the top of a gift box!

So, be sure to pull out those paper dolls, and when you do craft with them, add some extra embellishments-after all, crafters have been doing it for almost 100 years!

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Vintage Flower Tutorial

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I just love vintage fabric! The patterns and colors are gorgeous, and I really love how soft and kind of “homey” it becomes over time. I came across some especially vibrant vintage handkerchiefs at a flea market recently, and had to snatch them up. However, they had some staining, and I really wasn’t quite sure what to do with them. Until, it occurred to me-homemade vintage flower embellishments!!!

So, I gathered my supplies. Vintage handkerchief, vintage ric rac and Glubers. Have you ever used Glubers? They are essentially large, flat glue dots and make flower-making super easy!

For the first step, cut a strip of vintage fabric. This strip of fabric is just over an inch wide. Stitch the same length of ric rac alongside one of the edges. Depending on the pattern and colors of the fabric, you may choose a different kind of ribbon, or no ribbon at all-just frayed edges.

For the second step, cut out which Gluber circle you will use, leaving the backing on the glue dot. Peel off the protective covering. Starting on the outside of the Gluber, gather and pinch the fabric onto the glue dot. This glue is STICKY, and your fabric will stay. However, it still is possible to reposition the fabric if needed.

For the final step, add a center to the flower. In this case, I used a Vintage Button with some Black Twirly Twine and a small message tag. A gem stone would be cute too…depending on how elegant the fabric is.

So, there it is! In 3 EASY STEPS, you too can make your own authentic vintage flower embellishments. And, there’s still enough fabric to create more!

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Christmas in July!

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Oh my gosh, its so hard to think about Christmas smack in the middle of summer, but its always fun to start brainstorming those fun and unique ideas that make YOUR Christmas extra special! And, its especially exciting knowing that since its only July, you actually have time to put some of these ideas together! 🙂

My mother is one of 13 kids (YES, you read that correctly!), and every Christmas we have a big Christmas party with all of my aunts and uncles, cousins and their families. It really is a lot of fun, and we like to do a gift exchange of baked goods, crafts, etc. So, its always nice to start figuring out those ideas early!

If you are big into baking your Christmas gifts, or are looking for a unique way to top off a gift bag, this festive Holly Clip, created with vintage plastic holly,  may be just the thing to top off your bag of treats! These are now available in the Vintage Gift Market, and you can find them HERE. Its never too early to start planning your fabulous Christmas!

Happy (almost) Christmas!
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Collecting: Salt & Pepper Shakers

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Like most collectors with their collections, I didn’t plan to collect vintage diner-style glassware. Many of these come from my dad’s collection (he LOVED his vintage salt and pepper shakers!), and when he sadly passed away in January, I was happy to add these little gems to my smaller vintage glassware family,  as they will always remind me of him. Aside from just how sweet and simple they are, I find myself drawn to the sheer functionality of these items,  and I am planning on just how they will be incorporated into the craft room. I love that they are oftentimes a uniquely molded glass, and I especially love the hard plastic or metal tops. I can just imagine them gracing a formica table located in a 1950s diner-can’t you?

These pink tipped salt and pepper shakers are just begging to be filled with pink, silver or gold glitter! And, maybe the syrup dispenser will now house vintage buttons or ribbon scraps.

These shakers are so cute and chubby, and the ribbing makes them functional and decorative! Love the little red hats!

So many shapes and sizes! And, that’s just for the glass ones! Vintage salt and pepper shakers are a HUGE collectible,  are made of glass, ceramic and plastic and come in MANY fun decorative shapes. And, interestingly, salt shakers became more popular in the 1920s, after the Morton Salt Company introduced anti-caking agents to their product.

Happy Collecting!



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