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Vintage Clothespins…Pretty & Practical

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vintage-flowered-clothespinsGood morning!

I hope you’ve been having a great week!

Today I have a fun, little something simple to share with you. I just love these vintage, hard plastic clothes pins! The colors are so vibrant, and I’m just a sucker for retro, hard plastic. They are cute on their own, but I found a way to make them a bit more Springy and feminine, and turn them into a great gift topper.


Vintage forget-me-nots always remind me of Spring-they are so sweet and simple. To make a bouquet of them, I adhered them to a vintage plastic cake candle holder and then adhered that to the clothes pin. A bow made from lace ribbon tops it off.




As for the gift bag, this is a vintage wax sandwich bag. Another one of my favorite things! Just love how they turn brown over time, and its always satisfying hearing that crinkle sound. To dress it up a bit, I stitched vintage laces across the top, also tying the colors together. And, the vintage clothes pin keeps it closed!


vintage-bag-3This would be a cherry little gift filled with teas, stationary or chocolates. It would certainly brighten up someone’s day!

So, a simple idea to turn something entirely practical into something pretty!

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Creating!


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A Journaling Jar

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A journaling jar…really??? Yes, and I love this idea! One, its a great way to use scraps, and two, its super inspiring! Instead of flipping through a book for that one inspirational quote or note, simply pull an inspiring quote, written on a tag,  from the jar! Perfect for a bit of daily inspiration.

I like to jot down those cute, or funny, comments the kids make on a daily basis. Its so fun to pull one of those tags out and remember something that might otherwise have been forgotten after the moment passed.



journaling-jar-3journaling-jar-4To begin to alter your own journaling jar, select a good sized, wide mouth jar, and measure the circumference. This is the measurement needed for the band. This one measures 18 inches. To make the purple band, I cut one 12 inch by 2.5 inch length and one 6 inch by 2.5 inch length, and adhered this around the jar, creating the base. Ephemera, vintage ric rac, and a touch of glittery Stickles finishes the band, and a chunky flower, ribbon and a tag dress up the top!

journaling-cards-1Now, for the inside of the jar, and this is where it really gets fun-the tags! The inside of the jar is for all of the tags you can make from scraps and ephemera, that quotes and notes can be written on. So, take those tags and dress them up, then find your colorful pens and write away! This is also a great gift idea-Mother’s Day maybe? Or, even Valentine’s Day and stuff it full of love notes!

journaling-cards-2So many possibilities with a  journaling jar!

Happy Creating,



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Beautiful Ballerinas

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vintage-ballerina-1Good morning!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend…maybe got a little crafting in?

I want to share with you this little project I made using retro ballerina cupcake toppers and a mini tart pan. I just love these little pans, as they make the perfect shadow box. What a great place to highlight a little something! And these ballerinas are just so sweet. They remind me so much of the little plastic ballerina that would twirl in my jewelry box as a little girl. Remember those???

vintage-ballerina-2I’ve made these before as Christmas ornaments using the more glamorous vintage silver and gold ballerinas. This ornament looks like something out of the Nutcracker doesn’t it?

wish ballerinaBut, for this time of year, these lovely spring colors are just the thing! I have attached a vintage lace ribbon to the top-it will make a great ornament for a Valentine’s Day tree, or will also look whimsical on top of a gift.

vintage-ballerina-4These sweet ballerinas are all packaged up and are now in the Etsy store. You can find them HERE. And, you don’t have to be a ballerina to enjoy them!


Happy Creating!

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A Posie for You…

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floral-bookmark-1Ah Friday!

The anticipation of the weekend is so nice isn’t it? The weekend is a great time to open a new book, or get caught up on some journaling. Another wonderful Valentine’s Day gift idea for that special someone…a posie bookmark!

floral-bookmark-2A pre-made glittered bundle of roses is the focal point, but I further accented it with vintage silver millinery leaves. The wired stems of the leaves and roses were twisted together and I covered these with  a beautiful green ribbon.

floral-bookmark-3The base of the bookmark was made out of a vintage piece of cardboard, that was covered in vintage sheet music. A bit of bling finishes the top and  repeats the silver color. A length of beautiful lace ribbon acts as the actual place holder when used as a bookmark, while the posie rests on top of the book.


And, there you have it! With something so pretty,  your special someone will  be looking forward to, even more,  those quiet moments of reading.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Valentine Treats!

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vday-ephemera-packaged I am absolutely a romantic, so i just LOVE Valentine’s Day! Its so fun seeing all of the colorful candies on the store shelves, and it reminds me of the excitement of Valentine’s Day as a kid. Which is probably why I’m already helping my kiddos figure out what Valentines they will be crafting this year!


Although those boxes of chocolate are super cute, they are not helpful in dropping the holiday weight gain, so how about some sugar-free Valentine gift ideas???

This assortment of Valentine ephemera will be the perfect gift for a crafty, or vintage-loving friend!




The embellished cello bag that the ephemera comes in is also re-usable! Its so fun to pull all of the ephemera out, be inspired by it, and have a safe place to keep it! These sweet little packages can be found in the ETSY store HERE.


cello bag

Another sugar-free/calorie-free Valentine present, that’s also very practical, are these vintage bingo cards converted into spiral notebooks. Stash one in your purse, and its a  great place to jot down those quick ideas!

bingo-card-notebooksThese notebooks are also embellished with vintage ephemera, Twirly Twine and a vintage forget-me-not. I love the combo of aqua and red in this vintage sticker-don’t you? These notebooks can now also be found in the Etsy store.

bingocard-notebooks-2What fun ideas are you coming up with  for Valentine’s Day? There is still enough time to make it super special for someone you love!

Happy Creating!

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