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memorial-dayAs we enjoy the time with our family and friends this weekend, I want to take a moment to thank those service men and women who have protected and continue to protect, our freedoms. I thank you for your service-you are true heroes.

“A man’s country is not a certain area of land, of mountains, rivers and woods, but it is a principle, and patriotism is loyalty to that principle.”

-George William Curtis


Create Vintage Crepe Fringe

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vintage-fringed-crepeGood morning!

So, I’ve been on a kick of sharing embellishment ideas. Its always inspiring to see a “complete” project, but its equally as interesting to me to focus on the details. Probably because its those details that make all the difference in a project.


Today, I want to share a very simple and very vintage embellishment that will work in both paper-crafting, general crafts, home decor and gift-wrapping/party decor-fringed crepe trim.

Any roll of crepe party streamers will work for this project, but if you want a really vintage “feel,” use vintage crepe streamers. The rolls I used for this trim are about 20 years old at least, and have a really nice aged quality. The colors are a little less vibrant and the crepe itself is softer. You really can notice a difference.

To begin, I cut four, 1-yard length ivory crepe strips and one 1-yard length of aqua, which I sandwiched between the ivory crepe.


Second, once the crepe strips were stacked, I stitched a straight stitch down the center.

With a small pair of sharp scissors, I then cut slits on each side of the of the running stitch, to create the fringe.


Finally, I gathered the fringe by pulling on one of the threads, then scrunched the fringe. Since I gathered the fringe, I lost some of the original one-yard length. The finished, fringed crepe is about 26 inches. Of course, you can adjust how gathered you want your fringe to be, or, adjust the original cut length.

I wrapped this fringe around a simply decorated card, and pinned it with a straight pin to keep it all together. “Packaging” it this way, would also make this fringe a great gift to share with a crafty friend.


Vintage crepe fringe would look cute on a card or altered item. Or, would look great for holiday or party decor, such as the trim on this simple peat pot basket. And, its just an added bonus that its so easy to make!

Happy Creating!
Michelle… Read the rest

Just Fabulous

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Happy Monday!

I hope you had a WONDERFUL Mother’s Day yesterday. Maybe you planted some flowers? Unfortunately, that was not the case here in Northern Colorado, as we were dealing with SNOW all day! It certainly was cozy, but not the kind of weather you would expect on Mother’s Day. 🙂


Its been a little while since I’ve made a pennant, and thought that a glamorous one would be fitting for Mother’s Day. I think many times moms get so busy taking care of the family’s needs, that they often forget their own. I’m sure many of us can relate to that on occasion! So, I thought this little pennant would be a fun reminder of the fabulous, deep- down glamorous women moms are!  paperdoll-pennant-3To create the base of the pennant, I simply traced a star shape onto cardstock, and trimmed with Platinum Stickles.  The Hollywood-style “mom” image is a vintage paperdoll that I scanned, sized down a bit, and printed onto cardstock. Love her fancy, ready for brunch, ensemble. To play up the corsage on her jacket, I bundled vintage forget-me-nots, and glued them to another glittery star.



I left the wooden dowel unpainted this time, but topped it off with even more sparkle. Vintage tinsel, a vintage bulb and vintage silver cording. Maybe a bit like a magic wand mom’s are known to carry? 🙂

paperdoll-pennant-4And, to top it off, a “fabulous” banner!

I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday!

Happy Creating,

Michelle… Read the rest

The Kentucky Derby

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Boy, Saturday was a busy day!

Did you have a chance to watch The Derby in between your National Scrapbooking Day activities? You know, I do not follow horse racing at any.other. time. during. the. year, but there is just something about The Derby. The horses are magnificent, and the setting and traditions of the race is just so elegant.



And, I have to say, California Chrome is just amazing! And, what an inspiring story…for the owners, and the trainer. Grandeur can come from humble beginnings. Definitely a lesson in following your dreams…no matter how big or small.


I had to embellish a few vintage plastic horses for the occasion! And trim them in roses of course.


And, what’s a competition without ribbons??? The large one was made from a vintage Christmas tree light reflector trimmed in festooning, ribbons and a rose. Vintage reflectors are one of my favorite items-the rigid metal structure of them is so easy to work with.


These ribbon embellishments are a bit larger and more elaborate than the ones I shared last week. You really can go as simple or as elaborate as you like with this idea, which makes them super fun! If you use a different shape, such as the circle below, simply add a tab that will be stapled to the paper clip.

kentucky-derby-ribbons-3 kentucky-derby-ribbons-4I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Would love to hear how you celebrated National Scrapbook Day and/or The Derby.

As always, thank you for stopping by and Happy Creating!

Michelle… Read the rest

Decorative Clips

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decorative-clips-1Happy Friday!

Just one more day until National Scrapbook Day, and here’s another embellishment idea to share with you…decorative clips. Paper clips that is, and so quick to put together. All you need are some of the larger sized paper clips, and scraps. And, any little embellishments or glitter to decorate with. Oh, and a stapler! I used the small Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher for these, but a standard size staple would also work just fine.

decorative-clips-2To start, trim your scrap paper. This was trimmed to approximately 2.5″ x 1″.  Once cut, slide one end of the paper onto the bottom “rung” of the paper clip. Flip over, then staple the paper as close to the paper clip as possible for a “snug” fit. Flip back over and decorate.


Keep the cardstock as a rectangle, or trim the corners, or make into pennant shapes.


decorative-clips-6These embellishments then simply slide onto your card, layout, tag or altered album. The vintage ledger paper clip below is a fun idea if you want to add some journaling. I simply adhered the ledger paper to cardstock to make it firm for the paperclip.

decorative-clips-4You’ll have so much fun making these, you’ll soon have an entire decorative clip “family!”

decorative-clips-3Would love to hear if you try any of these embellishment ideas while you’re celebrating National Scrapbook Day…or, any day for that matter. 🙂

Happy Creating!

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