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Vintage Halloween Pennants

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Happy Halloween!….well, almost.

Yep, its that time of year when the Halloween candy starts showing up in the grocery stores, and the pop-up costume shops start to open their doors. Boy, summer just flies by! Even the weather has been starting to feel “Fall-ish.” And, I’ve already given in and purchased the first bag of seasonal candy corn. 🙂

vintage-halloween-pennants-2Since Halloween will be here before we know it, I decided to get a jump on some of the spooky crafting. Every year we host a pumpkin carving party. Pretty low key, it simply consists of a few crock pots of chili and tables set up in the garage for carving. But, I do decorate the house, and I can’t wait to add these vintage Halloween pennants to the wreath on the front door!

vintage-halloween-pennants-3Similar to the other pennants I’ve posted to the blog, the base of both of these pennants was made from one Bingo card cut on a diagonal. To add a bit more depth and more canvas for clustering, I cut an additional triangle from cardstock and layered it over the top of the Bingo card.

vintage-halloween-pennants-5vintage-halloween-pennants-6Glitter, stitching, punch-outs, die cuts and ribbons embellish the pennants. And, of course, a few vintage items including a vintage Morticia image cut from a game card. It is so much fun to cluster all of the spooky tidbits and making pennants is a great way to use up scraps!


To add a bit more texture to the pennants, I folded Halloween fringe in half,  then stapled it to the edge of the Bingo card. The 12 inch wooden dowels were Glimmer Misted, then glued on top of the Bingo card alongside the fringe. And, a Halloween pennant would not be complete without a creepy plastic spider. And, notice the webbing? That’s simply hot glue threads! For once, the threads are OK! 🙂


If you’re feeling inspired to start creating for Halloween, and maybe want to add a bit of vintage, you can find some Halloween ephemera in the Etsy store HERE. Each ephemera kit also includes a package of Halloween fringe! And, you can even choose which Addams Family family member you would like. 🙂

halloween-ephemera-2halloween-fringeHa! Gotta love the “Wild” card. 🙂

I just LOVED watching the Addams Family! It had just the right amount of innocent spookiness to it.  A few years ago, I purchased an Addams Family DVD, and the kids enjoy watching the episodes too. I think my favorite character is Morticia, although Uncle Fester was always entertaining too!

vintage-addams-family-cardsaddams-family-cardgameDo you remember playing the Addams Family card game??? Issued in 1965. So fun!

I hope you’re inspired to start creating something special for Halloween.

Happy Creating!


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Holiday Decorative Clip Embellishments

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vintage-holiday-decorative-clips-1Happy Monday!

I hope you had a great weekend.

I shared this idea of decorative clips a few months ago. Its such a great way to use up those cute scraps. Simply attach scrap paper to a large paper clip by folding it over the lower “rung” and stapling at the top. You can then further decorate the scraps with glitter, buttons, ribbons, stickers, etc. Or, small, mini ornaments!

This summer has flown by, like it always seems too, and before you know it, Christmas will be upon us. These decorative clips will look great attached to a gift tag, Christmas card or other holiday project, don’t you think?

vintage-holiday-decorative-clips-2 vintage-holiday-decorative-clips-3

These holiday clips are trimmed with vintage Christmas seals, vintage plastic holly and glitter. Black paper from a vintage scrapbook makes for a great chalkboard to jot down the wish list for Santa.

vintage-holiday-decorative-clips-4 vintage-holiday-decorative-clips-8 vintage-holiday-decorative-clips-7

A vintage reflector tops this scrap below and the vintage Christmas seal above is framed with a bubble of plastic (recycled from packaging), and filled with festive confetti to create a “snow globe” clip.

vintage-holiday-decorative-clips-6 vintage-holiday-decorative-clips-5vintage-holiday-decorative-clips-9

These decorative clips just slide on, as a normal paper clip, and will add a nice touch to your holiday gifting this year! So, when you begin to craft for the holidays, be sure to save those scraps and extra trimmings!


vintage-holiday-decorative-clips-10 vintage-holiday-decorative-clips-11 vintage-holiday-decorative-clips-12 vintage-holiday-decorative-clips-13Happy Creating, and thank you, as always for stopping by!

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