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Multi-Dimensional Vintage Valentine’s Day Banner

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vintage - valentine - banner - 1

Happy Friday!!!!

I cannot believe that we are already 3 weeks into the New Year! And I especially cannot believe that I am still finding residual Christmas decor around the house.  I’m hoping I’m not the only one. 🙂

vintage - valentine - banner - 5Time however to focus on the next holiday. However, be forewarned that as Christmas is my absolute FAVORITE holiday, chances are quite high you’ll be seeing Christmas on this blog all year long.

This banner is made up of so many vintage goodies! Vintage flashcards and Bingo cards create the main canvas for all of the texture. I sprayed these Bingo cards with Glimmer Mist to alter the color. Love how they turned out. To add even more dimension, I adhered vintage honeycomb bells to the front and glittered the BINGO letters. Its hard to see in the photos, but these honeycomb bells have that great aged-paper brown tint to them.

vintage - valentine - banner - 4

And, the fringe you see? That’s also a sprayed Bingo card, cut into narrow strips and fanned out.  A vintage Christmas reflector frames the vintage Valentine seal in the center. And the blue color makes the blue numbers on the Bingo card just pop!

vintage - valentine - banner - 3 vintage - valentine - banner - 2

So, here’s a fun thing. In Northern Colorado, we have a town called Loveland, and every Valentine’s Day, you can mail your Valentine’s to their post office and get a special, very cute, seal stamped on your letter. Definitely check it out! You can find more info. on that here:

I hope you have a great weekend, and Happy Creating!
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Packing Away the Vintage Christmas Decor…

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Happy New Year!!!

I hope you enjoyed celebrating with family and friends. I’m excited to start a fresh new year-what an opportunity to work on some new goals and discover new possibilities. I’m sure we all have our “list”-we’ll have to keep each other on task!

I just love decorating for Christmas. With each box I open, its like visiting old friends-vintage ones that is! So its always so hard packing it all away for next year.  And, this Christmas, my presents included a few more vintage items to add to my decor, courtesy of my mom.

There’s nothing like getting vintage Christmas FOR Christmas.  Except if its vintage Halloween, which has happened on occasion as well! 🙂


I just love the illustrations on these boxes of icicles! Santa peeking through the window is just adorable. Due to some playful kitties in my house, I didn’t add icicles to my tree this year, but I did add ropes of vintage silver garland. Can never have too much sparkle on a Christmas tree!vintage-Christmas-Firestone

This year I picked up one of these suitcase record players. I think its fantastic that records are coming back, and this was perfect for playing the vintage Firestone Christmas albums from my Dad’s collection. We had to give the kids a quick tutorial on how to place the needle on the record. So funny, and good for them to see how it used to be. The more “techy” we get, the more I worry future generations won’t value how things were.  Maybe collecting vintage is more of a crusade to preserve the past…


A small bowl of Shiny Brites and a large Gurley Santa candle round out the new decor.  This Santa is about 10 inches tall and made a charming centerpiece to our Christmas dinner table-unlit of course.



I’ll enjoy unpacking them again next Christmas!

Have a great week!

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