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Packaged, Painted Ribbon Spools

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vintage - ribbon - box - final


Phew! Finally, the Christmas decor is entirely packed away till next year. I’m always sad to see it go, but, I do enjoy this time of year, and look forward to the upcoming Spring days. 🙂

I’ve been pondering Valentine’s Day. It’s always fun to make sweet Valentine cards, and as I missed the boat in getting the Christmas cards out this year, I may focus harder on mailing Valentines. 🙂

I appreciate though, how Valentine’s Day is,  more and more,  becoming a friendship appreciation day. That is so important, as there are never enough days to tell your friends how much you care for them.  With that in mind, a box of beautiful vintage embellishments is a great way to show your love for a close, vintagey, like-minded, creative friend!

vintage - ribbon - box - supplies

This project uses simple, everyday ingredients. For example, this cute cardboard box once upon a time held paper die cuts for scrapbooking. It’s seen better days, but a little attention made this into a great storage box for vintage wooden spools of ribbon. With the see-through top, I thought to add a pop of color and paint the vintage spools. Super easy to do!

vintage - ribbon - box - painted- spool

Simply select an acrylic paint color, moisten a foam brush in water, and apply a thin coat of paint to the spool. I was careful to not paint the labels – I love those vintage labels!  The water thins out the paint, making for a more translucent application. You want to see wood grain – not thick, goopy paint lines.

colorful spools

Once painted, set the spools aside so that they can dry thoroughly. You don’t want any paint to get onto the ribbons. Also, when working with lots of colors in one project, its always a good idea to include neutrals, such as a couple of unpainted spools – it creates contrast and makes the colors pop even more. 🙂

vintage - ribbon- box - decoupage

As for the box, I kept it simple, and simply lined the bottom with a beautiful paper to complement the colorful spools. I also added a new sheet of cellophane to the window. I added excelsior to the bottom to cushion the spools, and make the ribbons look a bit more professionally packaged.

vintage - ribbon - box - ribbon - spools

Each of these spools holds about one yard of ribbon – just enough to plump up the spools. 🙂

vintage - ribbon - box - with -spools

The spools nest nicely in the box, and, a small bouquet of vintage flowers adds the final touch.  The bouquet is only lightly secured to the box top with a couple of glue dots, so that the recipient can also use them in a future project.

flower bouquetThis Valentine’s Day, look around your craft room, and see if you have a box that can be re-purposed into a vintage ribbon box, with painted, vintage wooden spools.  I’m sure you have a friend who will just love it!

Happy Creating,

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Happy New Year!

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Hello, and Happy New Year!

The blog has been a bit quiet lately….certainly not planned that way, but the holiday season got a bit busier then expected. I hope you had a WONDERFUL Christmas and that the new year is off to a GREAT start!

I’ve been pondering the changes of the new year and what my intentions in the new year will be. As our kiddos get older, I find myself wanting to simplify.  I think de-cluttering and organizing will continue to persist, but I also will strive to live creatively everyday.  Either in trying a new recipe, crafting, exploring a new shop……just trying new things is a very enriching experience.


This mini bundt cake is an example of simple, everyday creativity.  We had one last holiday party to attend this weekend, and we always do a small gift exchange of homemade items. I originally intended to bake cranberry biscotti to go with these teas, but ran out of time. I turned instead to a cranberry orange muffin recipe, but decided to dress it up a bit by forgoing the muffin pan and using a mini bundt pan instead. A drizzle of a simple sugar glaze, fresh cranberries and pearlized sprinkles added the finishing holiday touch. 🙂


I LOVE packaging – its a great way to make even the simplest gift seem extra special.  I hope they all are enjoying their mini cake and tea. 🙂


I’m excited to begin living creatively everyday, and appreciate the beauty of simplicity. Thank you for another year of following this blog and sharing your inspiration, I appreciate it so much! 🙂

Happy Creating,






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