Golden Books for Christmas

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I hope you are having a great weekend! For the first time in over 200 days, Northern Colorado has finally gotten some snow. Not that I’m complaining about the longer than usual Fall, but the snow was helpful to flip the creative switch for the holidays! So, of course, out came the Golden Books!

golden-book-frosty-display-1 vintage-golden-book-display-2

Golden Books really are unique in that several generations have fond memories of their favorite stories. Fairly inexpensive and easily accessible (they could be found even at the grocery store), Golden Books contain fun stories and beautiful illustrations. Many well- known artists and authors have contributed to Golden Books.

frosty-and-kids night-before-christmas


These baskets are a way of bringing this Golden Book nostalgia into functional, seasonal home/party decor.  Perfect for a gift basket or fill it up with candies. 🙂

I’ve gathered these Golden Book baskets up and have them now listed in my Etsy store. You can find them HERE.


I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Happy Creating,



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Vintage Christmas Caroler Ornaments

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victorian-christmas-ornments-closeup2 Hello!

Well, you know Christmas is coming when the glass glitter is just flying around in the craft room. Many things are in production for the shop. Just love this time of year!

I recently found these super detailed, felt Victorian caroler package tie-ons at the antique store. The features on these carolers are so defined and I love the touch of snow on their felt scarves and coats. Very elegant and not something that I’ve seen before. Something this unique needed to be a focal point – as a Christmas tree ornament.



The base of these ornaments is a vintage tart pan, sprinkled with antique gold glass glitter (that will tarnish beautifully over time) and trimmed with vintage gold tinsel and vintage spun glass angel hair for snow. A bit of holly adds a touch of embellishment.  Working with vintage supplies truly makes these ornaments one of a kind and will be perfect for your tree or as a gift. You can find them HERE.



Caroling is such a wonderful holiday tradition. For the last few years our family has hosted caroling parties.  I set up a Hot Cocoa Bar (lots of great ideas for this on Pinterest!) and once everyone has their drinks, we head out to carol to the neighborhood.  To keep us on track, everyone is provided with a caroling booklet and a candle to light the way. It really is a fun time!



I love the illustrations on these vintage caroling books, and the colors are so vibrant. Inspired by these vintage books, these are the caroling books I created a couple years ago for our caroling parties.

carolbook2And, just how did Christmas carols come to be? A page from one of these books offers a suggestion…


Love this sweet illustration, and I especially love the magical sound of Christmas carols!

Happy Christmas Creating!




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Displays of Fall

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I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

We’ve had another beautiful Fall weekend. Usually by this time, we have had our first snowfall and some chilly days. Our fall this year has been GORGEOUS! No snow and 65- 70 degree days. Loving it!

And, the colors have just been spectacular. Its so tempting to jump right into Christmas preparations after Halloween, and I’ve been doing my share, but I’m trying to get myself to slow down a bit and really still enjoy Fall and our upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. If we don’t slow down and savor the simplicity of Thanksgiving, I fear that it will just simply be lost in the noise.  And, its way to important for that to happen!


I found this sweet vintage scarecrow at an antique store a couple months ago.  Its that great plastic from the 60s that I just love. I adhered the scarecrow to an inverted red tart pan, to add stability and increase the height, and sparkled it up!

From a previous shopping trip, I picked up these vintage floral picks that perfectly match the scarecrow.  I dressed these picks up too and attached them to a vintage wooden spool, as a sweet harvest display.

Both the scarecrow display and these harvest picks are now in my Etsy shop!  They will certainly dress up your Fall home. The harvest picks will also look cute at a desk. You can find the Scarecrow HERE. And, the Fall Springs can be found HERE.


fall-spool glittered-corn-2

I’ve been snapping a lot of pics this Fall and thought I would share a few with you.

These vintage wax pumpkins are in my mom’s collection. They are so pretty! Just that gorgeous, old wax that’s thoroughly saturated in rich color. I love how she displayed them for her Halloween decorating party.


This is a snapshot of one of the booths from the French Nest market this year.  The attention to detail in this display is amazing! They even carted in dried leaves, and scattered them all over the green grass!


My husband’s cousin got married this Fall. They chose to have a beautiful, outdoor wedding at a lovely park in Denver. The aisle facing chairs each had a mason jar bouquet of beautiful, vibrant autumn flowers. It was truly stunning!


And finally, this is a shot taken on a stroll my daughter and I took in one of the older neighborhoods in our town. I have not altered this photo in any way. The colors were so rich and amazing!


And the leaves scattered so pretty over the sidewalk!


Have a wonderful week!

Happy Creating,



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Halloween Re-cap

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Hello, and Happy Friday!

This week felt a bit “off” with Halloween landing on a Monday this year.  Even with that, our kiddos had a great time and started celebrating last weekend.  We hosted two teen parties – fun time but I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend. 🙂


Thought I’d share a few pics of what Halloween looked like at our house this year. I do LOVE Halloween!

halloween-decor-2016-3 halloween-decor-2016-1 halloween-decor-2016-11

The main living areas were more decorative, but when the kids headed down to the basement party room, the decor got a little more sinister. Of course, my version of “sinister” is still pretty G-rated. HA!

halloween-decor-2016-2 halloween-decor-2016-7 halloween-2016-8

I have to give my hubby credit for the creative BBQ display. He BBQ’d brats and burgers for our son’s party.


Our daughter had the more creative “Pinteresty” type snacks at her party.  The kids each brought a fun, Halloween type of food to share.


Of course, you can’t have  a Halloween party without cheesy party games.  Which, even cool 14 year olds still enjoyed playing. 🙂



I hope you have an enjoyable Halloween as well, and enjoy the Fall weekend!

Happy Creating!


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Crafty Halloween Costume Awards

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halloween-costume-awardsHappy Halloween!

I hope you had a great weekend! Any Halloween activities?

We hosted a party for our son’s friends on Saturday, which included BBQ’d brats and burgers, old-fashioned games and a creepy movie. And, of course, LOADS of candy. And, tonight, we have our daughter’s friends coming over. Our spooky house has been hoppin’ with teenagers this weekend! Fun times for sure.


I always enjoy seeing the creative costumes these kids come up with.  As part of the costume contest, I created these awards from an inexpensive bag of skeletons found at the party store. I dressed them up with crepe paper fringe and ribbon bow ties. Love the cheesy grins these skeletons have. 🙂


The banners are just simply constructed from cardstock. I like the charm of handwriting the category. And a  little pumpkin garland adds a little extra texture. Instead of pinning the awards to the recipients’ costumes, I thought they might work better as a ribbon necklace.

funniest-awardA bit of hot glue and scraps, and voila! Unique costume awards.

I hope you have a festive and safe Halloween!



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